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Basking in... Evil I Suppose... by CookieFox6
Basking in... Evil I Suppose...
Eris' scary demon mother, who needs her own name.

(c) me
Shot Through the Heart by CookieFox6
Shot Through the Heart
Boom box carrying zombie, ZJ. Sometimes she dresses them up in silly clothes.

Amelia's taking out the trash. It's pretty boring, but at least there's some Bon Jovi playing.

Amelia, ZJ (c) me
Not Subtle at All by CookieFox6
Not Subtle at All
Bringing a boom box to a monster hunt is not how we lie low, Amelia.

Amelia (c) me
Stretch by CookieFox6
Ka'li the succubus showing off her wings. I probably need to increase the wing span.

Ka'li (c) me
Zombie Time by CookieFox6
Zombie Time
What time is it? O'dark thirty. Perfect for raising the dead and commanding them to rip apart those who've earned your disdain.
This is more of WIP I may never finish.

Amelia (c) me

Amelia is Ellen's mother, this picture happened before Ellen was created in Amelia's story otherwise she'd have an eyepatch over her left eye. Back then she was a hunter who would get rid of profitable monsters causing problems, and extract what valuable products they could get from them (feral werewolf teeth/skin/etc, dragon scales/claws/etc). Amelia's base area was one of the safest, as she'd not only go after things that earned money, but also eradicate the unprofitable ones that would cause harm to local citizens. Not all hunters did that.
Yoink'd from Aeorys


For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of the characters from their gallery - of my own choice - and give a reason why.

If you comment and your character is featured, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone.

01 } SaD - Rea - ColSketch by AeorysNxR - Mini NaggiRea - ColSketch by AeorysNxR - Random Reas - Sketch by AeorysRea - Aeorys
Rea looks like a chill badass, and from the sketches in your gallery it looks like she wouldn't hesitate to hand you your own ass.

I would have chosen Robin, but I think we did a similar journal thing where I chose her then. Same with Illu. >w>

02 } 
03 } 
04 } 
05 }
06 }
07 }
08 }
09 }
10 }
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These are a few
of my favorite characters~

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