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Tagged by :iconangrykids: I apologize for being scarce on dA and a terrible internet friend <:3

There are no rules because I BREAK THEM

1: What does your dream car/house look like? 

For the car.... Supernatural influences the desire for a '67 Chevy Impala. That's a nice one. I'd like something sleek and black.

For the dream house, something spacious would be nice. The house I live in is a beach house in the middle of the woods. The living room itself is 2 stories tall, one wall nearly all window. Very roomy. But I would like a pool. Above/under idc.

2: What do you like in people? 

Take note that I've been terribly ill for over a year and had to have my large intestine removed, thus I have not had adequate social interactions with many other human beings other than my dear mother and elder brother. 

Honesty, courtesy, and someone who wouldn't mind me around. 

3: Agree or Disagree: Cats can read your mind but don't give a shit?

Purrhaps they can read body language well, but I do not think they are telepathic.

4: In a crisis situation would you be the leader or the follower? 

If no one else was taking action or was making dumbass decisions I'd take some kind of charge and use knowledge I've gather over internet curiosities and common sense.

5: What would you like to do for a living? 

I-I don't know. :C  Almost 18 and still undecided. Veterinarian? Art field career? something else?

6: If you could be made into an expert in one thing, what would that one thing be?

A Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. Hahaha. Maybe the science field that enhances space flight to Star Fleet status. Or extending the human life. Fascinating things.

7: What would you rather face in a fight-aliens or zombies? 

It would depend on the type of each species and the scenario involving the aliens. Maybe it's just one alien in a bar fight, or a zombie apocalypse, if so I'd rather face the single alien. Spare me.

8: What is your biggest pet peeve? 

What grinds on my nerves.... complete silence often interrupted by horrible sounding grating laughter often and unnecessarily. That can get annoying.

9: Favorite article of clothing? specifically?

My leather jacket my mother gave me. It's very nice on cold days and in school buildings if it's not too warm.

10: IHOP or Dennys? 

I've never been to Dennys. IHOP is nice, they have lovely breakfast choices. Before I got terribly ill my mom and her friends, and I would meet up at and IHOP for breakfast before going on a motorcycle ride to a neat place.

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